PRIB aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and students from around the world to discuss pattern recognition methods and applications in bioinformatics and life sciences. Papers can be submitted to two tracks: journal track and proceedings track.

Journal track: Papers shuld be prepared following the guidelines of BMC Bioinformatics and be no longer than 12 pages. Abstracts of the papers and their full versions should be submitted in PDF format on the PRIB Easy Chair conference system. Accepted papers for the journal track will be published in the “BMC Bioinformatics” journal PRIB supplement, with the authors responsible for the publication costs (see conference website for details).

Proceedings track: Submission should be formatted in LaTeX using the guidelines of the Springer series of Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics and should not exceed 12 pages including references. Papers should be submitted in PDF format to the PRIB Easy Chair conference systemAccepted papers for the proceedings track (short abstracts and regular papers) will be published in the PRIB proceedings, Springer LNBI series, with no publication costs.

At least one authors of each accepted paper must register to the conference before the 15th of May 2014. Accepted papers without a registered author will not be published.

Abstracts may also be submitted to a poster/short talk track: Poster submissions offer researchers an opportunity to present software tools, and significant work in progress with proof of principle results which can be easily summarized in graphical format. Posters contain speculative ideas, new applications of old ideas or new targeted aspects of previous studies. They should stimulate discussion. Submissions describing the work will be reviewed, and accepted submissions will be published online on the conference webpage. Each poster that is accepted for PRIB 2014 will be presented in a poster session, in order to provide researchers with interaction and feedback from a broad audience.

Submissions of abstracts for the poster/short talks track must be submitted through the PRIB Easy Chair conference system, should be in English and should not be longer than 250 words. At least one author of each accepted poster must register and attend the conference. Final Posters should not exceed the dimensions of 95 cm wide and 115 cm height. Some of the abstracts will be selected for short talks at the conference.

Inquiries can be made to